2013 Horse Racing Betting Strategies

Meet Dan PennerWhat will be the key to picking winners in 2013?  If you were winning in 2012, you may well keep winning into 2013.  This winning method may last for a while, but any experienced horse player knows that the game is ever changing.  Sooner or later you’ll find that method’s that work now will suddenly stop, and you’ll have to adapt in order to keep winning.  When conditions suddenly change, it’s hard not to go through a small skid.  How can one predict the exact time winning methods turn to losing ones?  With good Horse Racing Betting Strategies, a horse player can adapt and keep on winning.

In July of 2012 I was in the midst of a drought.  I’d pick a winner here and there but couldn’t quite get on a roll.  One Wednesday July 11th I was dropping off a relative at Pearson Airport just outside of Toronto.  Woodbine Racetrack is roughly 5 minutes from there and had live racing that night.  I arrived at the track with the first few races ran and 20 minutes to post until the 5th.  I raced to get a program and proceeded to head out onto the balcony where one gets a great view of the horses as they leave the paddock.  As I scanned through the program I remember saying to myself that “anyone of these horse can win this race.”  It was a low value claiming race with a big field.  Some horses were coming over from Fort Erie and others were struggling to compete at Woodbine.  As the horses made their way out of the paddock I watched intently.  Only two horses stood out.  Smart Sky showed every aspect of good body language.  A shiny coat, upright ears, a bit of jump in his step, and he even stretched his neck out over his accompanying pony.  Maple Tints was coming over from Fort Erie where he showed some life in the stretch a few weeks prior.  He also appeared physically ready to run.  Other than Smart Sky, and Maple Tints, no other horse looked ready to run.  I made my way over to the betting terminal and began to place my bets.  Since I had minimal time to cap the race I bet very small amounts.  After all, I was basically betting on body language.  I put a $5 WP bet on Smart Sky and a $4 exactor box on Smart Sky and Maple Tints.  When betting exactors I’ll always box them.  I got burned a few times by betting them straight and then watching my horses come through in the wrong order.

I made my way down to track level and up onto the stairs by the finish line where I’d find myself for most races.  As the horses approached the gate the tote board had Smart Sky at 10-1 and Maple Tints at 30-1.  The gates opened and the horses flew out of the gate.  They stayed in a pack for most of the back stretch until they reached the turn.  Smart Sky began to make his move and began to challenge Man o’ Mettle who enjoyed a 1 length lead.  Meanwhile Maple Tints was gearing up for a rally from the outside.  As the field approached the wire Smart Sky was inching closer and closer to Man o’ Mettle.  Seconds later Maple Tints blew by for the win leaving Smart Sky in a photo finish for the place award with Man o’ Mettle.  For the next two minutes I was pacing around at trackside hoping that I’d hit the exactor.  A buddy of mine assured me that I’d got it but I couldn’t be sure.  The unofficial results were posted with Maple Tints in first and Smart Sky in second. My $4 exactor box returned $1336.  This is exactly why I box exactors.  If I played it straight with Smart Sky on top I’d get a measly return for the $5 WP bet.  This win completely restored my confidence and I went on to hit 3 more winners that night.  Sometimes something as simple as horse body language can revive a struggling horse player.  Remember, one win at the track can make up for a hundred losses.

Watch the race I just discussed here:    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4l6VIutsfUE

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