Best Horse Racing Betting Systems

Meet Dan PennerThe key to having a successful horse betting system is demonstrating discipline and money management.  During my early years as a horse player I struggled to find a good way to ensure I’d make money.  I could pick winners, but knowing how much to bet and when was my problem.  Over the years I slowly developed a system in which consistently capitalized on wins and minimized losses.  Every horse player goes on losing streaks.  Only winning horse players know how to overcome them.   I’ll briefly go over at time I witnessed an awful wager.

The first thing any horse player should consider is their goal.  Ideally a horse player’s goal should be this:  Risk a minimal amount of money to see a consistent return on their investment.  I was in line at Woodbine one afternoon this past summer when my girlfriend and I overheard the man in front of us say to the teller “$1000 to win on number 5.”  I proceeded to whisper into my girlfriend’s ear “this guy’s clueless.”  The 5 horse was bet down to 1-5 and showed no signs of going back up.  Even if the 5 horse came in, this guy was willing to put down $1000 and get back $1200.  Betting $1000 to win $200?????!!!!!!!!  There’s definitely no value in that type of ludicrous wagering.

The gates opened and the 5 horse sprinted to the lead and proceeded to set a moderate pace.  It continued to lead until the turn when a horse by the name of Dixie Chicken began to make up ground from off the pace.  Halfway through the stretch Dixie Chicken blew by the 5 and came in at 10-1.  My better half and I knew this was the best horse in the race and gladly took advantage following our horse betting system.  Just because a horse is heavily bet, it doesn’t mean it’s going to win.  Remember, all the tote board displays is everyone else’s opinion.  As we walked to cash our tickets we watched the majority of the crowd tear there’s up.

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