Best Horse Racing Picks for 2013

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In order to succeed in 2013, horse players must adapt to changes and be open minded to new horse betting systems.  Every year brings new hope to horse players and in turn brings much excitement.  There are so many things to consider when going to the track and finalizing your selections.  Every little thought and statistic is important.  Another important part of horse racing is track etiquette.

Horse Track Etiquette

Over the years I’ve come to learn how to behave in and around the track.  Here are some rules which every respectable horse player should abide by.  Rule 1:  Never boast or over celebrate after a win.  There’s no need to.  Your horse track friends don’t want to consistently hear about how much money you’ve won.  Celebration is okay if you’re in control.  Keep it low key.  Rule 2:  Never hold true to a tip you got from someone else.  A tip is only good if it wins.  Believe me when I say I’ve gotten many tips over the years and few have won.   Which brings us to Rule 3:  Don’t go around giving out “can’t lose” tips!  There have been many times when I was sure about a horse and told all my fellow horse players about it.  After these horses lost I’d feel stupid and wished I didn’t tell everyone about the pick before the race.  Rule 4:  Do not consume too much alcohol while at the track.  This can only lessen your handicapping skills and will in turn decrease your hard earned bankroll.  You might not know it at the time, but if you’re an obnoxious drunk, you’ll get on your fellow horse players nerves!  I like to enjoy a beer or two while at the track but no more.  Rule 5:  As a regular at the track you should make an attempt to get to know the other regulars.  Don’t be a stranger.  When the time is appropriate be sure to introduce yourself to other fellow handicappers.  After all, they are there because they enjoy horse racing just like you.  Rule 6:  Keep profanities and cursing to a minimum.  In 2012 I was trackside for The Woodbine Mile.  When Wise Dan began to make his stretch run I heard a voice from behind me shouting “Bring the f$cking three!  Bring the f$cking three!”  When I turned around and saw these words coming from a toddlers’ mouth I was stunned.  I couldn’t help but laugh but at the same time was wondering how this kid’s parents allowed that kind of behaviour.


Track etiquette comes with common sense.  If you have to question what you’re about to do, you probably shouldn’t do it.  Make sure to be friendly and to get along with your fellow horse players.  It’s worth it.  Even if you have a losing day you’ll be able to laugh some of the losses off with your friends and figure out what you did wrong together.  It’s not a money maker but track etiquette is just as important as having winning horse betting systems.

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