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Horse Racing is a wonderful sport that should be thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Unfortunately attendance numbers at tracks across North America have been declining as of late, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring back the glory days of the 70’s.  These were the days when Secretariat was running in full force and was the talk of the country.  Unfortunately, like all good things, Secretariat’s career came to an on a gloomy fall day up at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto.  On that day many people came out to see Secretariat and in turn made horse racing picks at Woodbine.

Nowadays Woodbine racetrack plays quite different to many well known tracks in North America.  On most days the track plays in favor to stalkers and closers.  Rarely will you see a horse at Woodbine go out front, open up a few lengths, then hold on for the win.  However, if a slow pace is granted to the front runners, they will take advantage and open up on the lead and bring in the win.  This is rare though.   Woodbine converted from dirt to poly track around 2007 and has one of the best turf courses on the continent.  The E.P. Taylor Turf Course has a seemingly endless stretch which brings horses within arms lengths of lucky track goers.  Nothing beats watching the horses compete through the stretch and cross the wire in The Woodbine Mile.  Wise Dan won this past Woodbine Mile (2012) and should indeed go on to win horse of the year honors as he also won The Breeders Cup.

When making horse racing picks at Woodbine, one must take into account the way the poly track plays.  Remember to look for a bias that favors stalkers and closers.  On some race days there will be a speed bias but this is quite rare.  When speed bias days show up, make sure you’re able to identify it and in turn capitalize.  If you can identify a track bias you can be very profitable.  A track bias can be anything from horses running better on the rail to horse running better on the outside.  When bias’ like this exist consider post positions.

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