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Meet Dan PennerThere are many racetracks across North America.  Each of them has something unique which separates itself from another.  No track plays the same.  For instance, a horse player making picks at Aqueduct would have to accommodate in order to make horse racing picks at Gulfstream.  In turn, riders must also know how to ride at certain tracks.  Just ask Luis Contreras.

Luis has won the Woodbine jockey title the past two seasons (2011 and 2012).  He rides there from April through the mid way point of December.  As the Woodbine meet comes to an end the Gulfstream meet gets under way.  I’ve been watching Contreras for a while now and have come to learn that he likes to ride a certain way.  At Woodbine Contreras breaks from the gate and does his best to get his horse into a stalking position on the outside.  He does this every single race.  And it works.  He’s the leading jockey for a reason.  Once in a stalking position he waits for the pace to collapse and then takes advantage on the outside.  I can’t even count the times I’ve seen Luis make his move on the turn and pass the field on the outside and come in for the win.  However, Luis will tell you that this technique doesn’t quite work as well down at Gulfstream.

At Woodbine Luis’ winning percentage hovers around 20%.  Down at Gulfstream he’s in between 5%-10%.  I expect his numbers to rise as he becomes accustomed to the way the track plays at Gulfstream.  In his last interview Luis said that he must get his horse to the lead much earlier than he does at Woodbine.  And he’s right.  Horses can rally at Gulfstream, but not at the rate they do up at Woodbine.  As Luis recognizes this, so must all horse players.   They need to adapt quickly or they’ll suffer some losses.  By adapting to the track a horse player will be able to make winning horse racing picks at Gulfstream.

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