Horse Racing Handicappers – How to go about Handicapping Horse Racing

Meet Dan PennerI could talk for hours on this subject but I’ll try to condense it into a quick short article.  There are many methods to handicapping horse races but several have seemed to be working as of late.  In the next few paragraphs I’ll go over a few basics things every horse player should know about in order to make Horse Racing Picks.

First off, every horse player must learn how to go about betting in certain situations.  If one likes a horse that is 2-1, there’s usually no point in betting place or show.  Sooner or later everyone horse player must come to realize that betting win is the way to go.  Sure you’ll lose some races by a nose, but in the long run you’ll make more money.  Let’s say you like a horse at 6-1.  You allocate $60 for this race.  Here are the payouts after you watch your horse win.  The win pays 14.00 and the place pays 6.00.  If you put $60 to win you’d make a profit of $360.  If you chose to split up your $60 and put $30 to win and place, you’d see a profit of $240.  Therefore you’d be missing out on $120.

Not many horse players make money, but the ones that do bet win.  I still find myself betting WP here and there but I mainly bet win.  If a horse player caps a race and finds that he or she can’t distinguish between two horses, I’d recommend an exactor box.  This means one must pick the top two finishers of the race regardless of finish order.  Say a horse players likes horse 5 and horse 6, the exactor box would be paid regardless of whether they finish 5,6 or 6,5.

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