Horse Racing Picks For Woodbine

Meet Dan PennerThe 2012 Woodbine thoroughbred racing season provided many interesting topics.   I’d recently moved from Las Vegas to Toronto and took a huge interest in the Woodbine circuit.  I attended roughly 80% of Woodbine’s thoroughbred race days.  I got to know everything about the track including trainers, jockeys, analysts, bartenders and even tote board malfunction.  The key to winning at Woodbine last year was adapting to the changes throughout the year.

The season began on April 6th.  Between then and the end of May workouts proved to be a big stat when picking winners.  Horses in good form with great workout times seemed to be showing up in the payouts.  I remember hitting a horse called “Powermouse” at 19-1.  I picked this horse mainly due to its bullet works.

Throughout the summer from the start of June until the end of August things changed.  The bullet works didn’t mean much anymore and I had to adjust my horse racing betting strategies.  Trip capping was huge at this point as I was hitting horses in which I missed on earlier in the season.  In the middle of August two horses I had on my list came up in the entries on the same day.  I had been waiting for “Rutherford Road” and “Sugar Glider” for a while.  They were entered in separate races.  In his previous race “Rutherford Road” was ridden by Julien Leparoux.  Needless to say Leparoux is a big name jockey and his agent is known for getting him good mounts.  Leparoux didn’t do much with Rutherford Road that day and returned to his home track.  Even though the horse had a bad race, I knew much more was expected just because of the rider.   Next time out Rutherford Road showed up in the entries at 20-1.  I went to the track and when the tote opened I noticed Rutherford Road was bet down to 10-1.  This early money solidified my thinking.  By post time it was back up to 20-1.  When the gate opened Rutherford Road went to the lead and never looked back.

A few races later Sugar Glider was scheduled to race.  I liked Sugar Glider his previous two outings but he experienced some bad racing luck.  I stuck to my gut and put down a hefty WP wager.  Like Rutherford Road, Sugar Glider went to the lead with slow fractions and kept on going.  The tote returned over 36.00 as Sugar Glider came in at 17-1.  That evening I took the girlfriend out for dinner and couldn’t stop talking about my horse racing betting strategies.

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