Horse Racing Systems That Really Work

Meet Dan PennerOver the years I’ve seen many techniques used to win at horse racing staring with class drops to bullet workouts to hot jockey’s to track bias.  The fact is when it’s all said and done and you’re counting your money after a winning season it really doesn’t matter how you got there.  What matters is that you did and that you’ve proven to yourself that you’re good at horse racing handicapping.  Some people have it and some don’t.  It’s no coincidence that the same horse players qualify to the NHC every single year.  The best horse players in the world don’t win by picking the obvious.   They win by noticing the small things.

This past season at Woodbine I found a great betting angle.  The thoroughbred season began on April 6th and by mid May I was capitalizing on a profitable trend.  Every time the odds first came onto the screen for the next race I had my pen and program ready.  It seemed that horses that were taking questionable early money were coming through!  If the morning line on a horse was 20-1 and it opened on the tote board at 5-1 I asked myself “why is this horse taking so much money?”  Someone had to know something.  Sure enough by post time the odds would climb back up and these horses were consistently coming in.

Early money on a horse is something to watch for.   I can say the same for late money.  I’ve witnessed many races where a horse’s odds will hover around 5-1 right up until post time and then suddenly plunge to 2-1 and the horse is now the favorite.   This scenario happens a lot and can be a profitable angle.  I’m not saying to bet on every horse you see taking late money.  But if you liked the horse in the first place it’s a good sign.  Sure you’re odds are lowered but it solidifies your thinking.  This is all part of good horse race handicapping.  Remember to take what you can when you can because betting systems and angles won’t last forever.

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